Top 5 Things to Look for in a New Forest BnB

The New Forest is a vast land of forest, pastureland, and heathland in southern England, and covers both the southwest Hampshire as well as the southeast Wiltshire. King William I declared it as the royal forest, and it was once his hunting ground. In 2005, it was turned into a national park. This place is a tourist and nature lover’s paradise with shady groves and rivers. Spread over 566 square Kms this place is known for its outdoor activities like spotting wild pony and deer, paddle boarding, horse riding, and hiking. This is a perfect place if you love to explore the countryside.

New Forest Ponies roaming freely

New Forest Ponies roaming freely

I first fell in love with The New Forest when my parents used to take me and my brother there for day trips that were filled with fun and adventure.

There are so many things to do in the New Forest so if you decide to stay there for your next break, here are the top 5 things you should keep in mind when you book a BnB in the New Forest.


Since you are on a holiday, it makes sense to book a BnB which is away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But it shouldn’t be too off the way that it gets difficult to reach there. There are many excellent BnBs in the New Forest, and Little Hayes is perfectly located to cater to your needs. It’s on the A337 and is just off A35 in Lyndhurst, which is right in the heart of the New Forest. It’s easy to find Little Hayes if you’re traveling in via any of the main routes, and everything is within easy reach.

Entertainment and Activities

Another important thing to look for when choosing your BnB in the New Forest is access to various activities. There are a lot of things that you can do and places that you can visit when you are in the New Forest. Fancy a round of Golf? The New Forest Golf Club is nearby. Want to take a walk in the open heathland, then you got it! Would like to chat with people? The Lyndhurst Community Centre is right down the road from Little Hayes.

Trip Planning advice or tips

BnB owners at the New Forest are mostly locals who have grown up here. You can get great tips about the main attractions to see and places to visit when you are in the New Forest. If you stay at the Little Hayes, you even get to use the Go New Forest discount card for free. You get up to 25% discount on a wide range of local services and goods in Lyndhurst and the New Forest.

Online reviews

Though most of the BnBs in the New Forest are family run and have excellent owners. It is always good to check the online reviews of the BnBs on, TripAdvisor, etc. You can get a lot of information especially regarding the cleanliness of the rooms and how comfortable the beds and mattresses are, how good the cooking is, etc.

Additional Information

You should also make sure that the BnBs cater to your specific needs like, are dogs and other pets allowed? Would they allow breakfast in the room? What are the breakfast timings? Do they prepare vegan breakfasts?

The New Forest is a place you would want to visit again and again. It is serene, beautiful and you will feel like a home away from home. So, when are you planning your visit the New Forest? Don’t forget to mention our 10% “Little Hayes” discount on phone bookings by calling 023 8028 3816.