Haunted Bed and Breakfasts

If you’re looking to spend a spooky weekend stay in some Haunted Bed and Breakfasts, then Little Hayes Guest House in the New Forest could be perfect for you.

While we don’t yet know the origins of our spiritual guest, we are searching high and low for more information about the history of the guest house, which dates from the Edwardian period and has no doubt seen many events over the past century.

Stefan and Niky have had the most encounters with our ghost. While Stefan was cleaning the bedrooms alone in the house, he reached to open the door to bedroom 3. Before he could touch the door handle, it turned suddenly and the door opened slightly. When Stefan entered the room, he found it was completely empty. He has also felt the presence of a person brushing past while at the sink cleaning the dishes. Again, he was alone in the house at the time.

Niky has noticed strange happenings in her bedroom on the third floor. Late one night when she was feeling unwell, Niky awoke to the feeling that she was being hugged while lying in her bed. Thinking it was Wendy, she felt comforted and fell asleep. The following morning, we soon discovered that Wendy had not been up to see Niky that evening. Niky has also been awoken to the sensation that somebody was sat at the end of her bed.

Bouncer, the family dog has also been known to get restless with no real explanation, often growling and snarling at an empty corner of the room.

Will you have a paranormal encounter with our ghost? Why not give us a call on 023 8028 3816 or book online to reserve a room at one of the only haunted bed and breakfasts in the New Forest.